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Please have the following completed
by the time of your appointment.

• Turn off all ceiling fans, but not ceiling fan lights. 

• Turn on all lights that will turn on including the light over the stove.

• All blinds should be let down with the slats horizontal letting all available daylight in.

• Check all light fixtures for burnt out bulbs and replace if needed (very important).

• Make sure all vehicles are out of your driveway and away from the front of the property.

• Make sure all beds are made and bedrooms are picked up.  Basically no clutter.

• Make sure all counters are cleared off in kitchens, baths (including toothbrushes, personal items, sink soaps), bar areas, etc.
Try to leave just decor on the counters.

• Kitchen counters should be clear of all fruit, bowls, knife racks etc. Hanging dish or decorative towels on appliances is not preferred.

• Remove all throw rugs from bathrooms, kitchens, etc. The room and floor will look bigger without those present.

• Remove everything from the refrigerator including the top ie. magnets, photos, papers, etc.

• Check bathroom towel racks. Arrange towels in a neat and orderly fashion. Be sure to lower the toilet lid and have a full TP roll in the holder.

• Please place all uncooperative pets in a comfortable but contained area, which will not be photographed.

• Items belonging to pets should be removed (toys, food, bed and water bowls).

• Check outside! Make sure the grass is cut and trimmed.

• Clean off and arrange outside furniture to highlight the outside living area; raise the umbrella's (even if cold out).

• Sweep driveway, sidewalks, decks, and patios so it looks clean and inviting.

• Place garden hoses and outside trashcans in garage or hidden along side of house so that they will not be in photos.

• Pools and hot tubs should be uncovered and freshly skimmed of leaves and debris; be prepared to turn the jets on at the time of the photo.

• All windows should be clean and free of excessive dust, dirt, or streaks.

• If you have an indoor or outdoor
wood burning fireplace, it makes a great photo by burning a small mound of wadded up newspapers just before the photo is taken.

Photo shoots for less than 3000sf without acreage typically average 40 minutes.

Expect a response ASAP as I know that you may be coordinating with your client. If you do not hear back by late afternoon, please call me at (541) 410-528two

Request a Photo Shoot
You will receive an email, typically the same evening or earlier containing a link to a Dropbox folder from which to download the photos. The email will also contain a link to your invoice, which can be paid with a Credit or Debit card.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have questions.
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